“It is an honor to be a part of this selective group of Members in launching this National Hispanic Cannabis Council.  I have been working in the Cannabis space for the last 7  years in order to find cures for diseases.  Unfortunately for those believers in the plant, the United States has been slow to open the doors to this issue while the rest of the world is moving much faster to find true medicines.  It is this organization that can lead the way towards international uniformity as the South American and other Hispanic countries pave the way towards creating true medicinal products.  Hispanics are underrepresented in the Cannabis space and these new countries entering the Cannabis space need guidance.  This organization will become the liaison between these countries and Cannabis, and as I stated earlier I am proud to be a part of it.” 

Mr. Feldenkrais, an attorney at law has more than 20 years of senior management experience, including a decade of strategic development and plan execution, nationally and internationally.  As a practicing lawyer he gained the respect and trust of millions of people as the television spokesperson on Immigration Law wherein all the major television stations contacted Michael to speak on the subject.  He has appeared regularly in television, both nationally and internationally as a consultant and a host.  He brings to the table the seriousness of a well-respected attorney and the branding created over 20 years of national television appearances.

In 1998, Michael was instrumental in the writing of a law called “NACARA-Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act.”  He worked closely with Congress to pass this legislation in less than 28 days that granted an immigration remedy to more than 500,000 undocumentad.  He has written and published articles and magazines that assist clients in learning about the laws of the United States.

Over time, Michael produced and hosted hundreds of seminars around the world where he spoke to individuals and corporations on how to do business in the United States.  He has been a speaker at Conferences, Bar Associations, and the like around the world.  At the height of his Attorney career under his management he build the 4th largest immigration law firm in the country with offices in over 12 countries spanning from South and Central America all the way to Lebanon in the Middle East.

Early in his career, he built two of the largest Prepaid Cellular Phone Card distribution companies in Colombia and Venezuela, wherein he deployed a distribution model using informal workers and converting them into main-stream employees giving jobs to over 14,500 people.

His largest accomplishment came when he organized several mergers and acquisitions with a Canadian publicly traded company Amaya Gaming that resulted in the increase of its market cap from 50 million dollars to 4.9 billion dollars in less than 2 years.