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About the NHCC

National Hispanic Cannabis Council is a purpose-driven nonprofit organization, created by progressive thought leaders in the cannabis business to address the current underrepresentation of U.S. Hispanics participating in the Cannabis Industry, to demystify the health and wellness power of cannabis, and to break down the long held cultural taboos towards Cannabis in the Hispanic Community. 

Latest News 

Osbert Orduña, The Cannabis Place

CEO and founder of The Cannabis Place, a certified social equity cannabis business and the first ever tolaunch unionized cannabis dispensaries. The Cannabis Place has successfully secured licensing at both the state andmunicipal level in New Jersey and was the first...

Peter Mercado, On The Revel

Peter Mercado-Reyes is On The Revel’s, Head of Content and Community and co-president of the NHCCs Tri-state chapter. He is a research scientist with a passion for plant-based medicine and education. Whether it’s creating engaging infographics or attending events,...

 Cynthia Villamizar, Cookies

Cynthia is a seasoned marketing and communications leader with ten years of experience spearheading high-growth initiatives and launching new markets at blue-chip tech companies like Google, and hyper-growth startups like Waze. She is a respected builder that has...

Chester Ruiz, Tasty Tags

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirationsand needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” - Cesar Chavez Today my mission and legacy is to...

Luis Madrigal, Cookies

"Hispanics/Latinos have traditionally been under-represented in technology. The same is true in cannabis, which is unfortunate given how the "war on crime" disproportionately affected black/brown individuals. This creates an opportunity to lean in and collaborate with...

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