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About the NHCC

National Hispanic Cannabis Council is a purpose-driven nonprofit organization, created by progressive thought leaders in the cannabis business to address the current underrepresentation of U.S. Hispanics participating in the Cannabis Industry, to demystify the health and wellness power of cannabis, and to break down the long held cultural taboos towards Cannabis in the Hispanic Community. 

Latest News 

Medical Marijuana Market Expected to Grow to $40 Billion by 2028

A new report published by The Insight Partners shows that the global medical marijuana market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.2% reaching a value of $40 billion by 2028. The global medical marijuana market size was valued at just $11.70 billion in 2021....

Legal cannabis is America’s 6th biggest cash crop

Prepare to spend far less of a percentage of your income on cannabis as legalization spreads and prices tumble.  According to the new Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2022 (.pdf) published today, cannabis prices tumbled despite a year of historic...

Hispanic Heritage Month: 4 Weeks, 4 Latina Entrepreneurs

Hispanic Heritage Month starts today, and at the National Hispanic Cannabis Council we are committed to providing more education and empowerment opportunities to all Hispanics in the Cannabis industry. Click here to learn how the NHCC is giving back this Hispanic...

Cannabis Policy Expert: Ideas for Debating Cannabis Responsibly

The conversation about cannabis use must be rooted in science and data Americans should recognize that cannabis is here. Full stop. It is here in states that have prohibited it, in states that have condoned its use for medical purposes and it is here in states that...

National Hispanic Cannabis Council Holds Tri-state Chapter Launch Event in NYC

By Jennifer Cabrera - NHCC Board Member & Council at Vicente Sederberg LLP In recent years, the northeastern United States has become very active in the legalization of cannabis. With Massachusetts coming online in 2017, and now with Connecticut, New Jersey, New...

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The NHCC Medical Advisory Board is a trusted source for all your questions about cannabis and the human body. Our team of experts uploads weekly videos focusing on each subject in depth.

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