Work with the National Hispanic Cannabis Council

Current positions available:

Digital Marketing Specialist / Social Media Manager 


What we’re looking for:

The NHCC is looking for the voice of Hispanics in Cannabis. A social media creator (community manager/blogger) with experience in the cannabis space and strong writing skills.

Optional but not required: Strong Spanish writing skills and SEO keywording for blog posts.

Who we’re looking for:

You have knowledge of Cannabis beyond the basic level. This means at least having an understanding of:

  • CBD/THC and other cannabinoids
  • Trends in the cannabis market
  • The impacts and benefits of cannabis on human health

You have a body of work to show as a portfolio (Instagram profile, Twitter profile, personal blog, work blog, etc).

How will we select the right person?

The selection process will include an unpaid writing assignment in the form of creating a blog post with a theme of our choosing, and 3 different posts for social media (which won’t be published unless selected for the job).

What are the responsibilities of this position?

  • Creating 3 or more blog posts about relevant cannabis topics a month (topics will be provided, content must be approved).
  • Creating 4 or more social media posts per week across all profiles (must be approved by the NHCC staff, reusing content across channels is OK).
  • Timely replies to social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) & blog comments.
  • Creating a monthly/weekly calendar of posts to be reviewed and approved by NHCC staff

Interested? email