U.S. Minority Cannabis Ownership

“4 out of 5 licenses across the nation are granted to non-minority owners”

– State Cannabis Reports, MJBiz Daily Diversity Report


Breakdown of Cannabis Ownership by Race

  • Nearly half of all Hispanic cannabis entrepreneurs work in a segment where licensing is not required 

“5.7% of all cannabis licenses are currently owned by Hispanics”

– State Cannabis Reports, MJBiz Daily Diversity Report


Hispanic Cannabis License Ownership by State

  • Levels of inclusion are contrasted across the states for which data is available

  • The vast majority of states do not release data on license demographics

  • The disparate number of licenses granted to Hispanic entrepreneurs indicates barriers to success for Hispanics in the cannabis industry

In 2021 NHCC commissioned Opus Consulting to provide the “State of the Hispanic Cannabis Industry” in the US – An Overview of Engagement and Opportunity for Hispanics in the Cannabis Industry.  The intent of the research is to provide an overview of the current state of the cannabis industry for Hispanic businesses and entrepreneurs  and their accompanying challenges and opportunities.  


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