U.S Hispanic Cannabis Consumers

“Today, 61 million Hispanic’s reside in the U.S., making up 18% of the U.S. population”

– Hispanic Pew Research


From 2010 to 2019

Hispanics account for more than half of total U.S. population growth

◆ One-Half of the U.S. Hispanics live in Southwest border states – California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico

◆ California (15.6 million) and Texas (11.5 million) host the largest Hispanic populations

◆ In Illinois, Connecticut, West Virginia, and Vermont, the general population decreased, while the Hispanic population has steadily increased

In New York state, the Hispanic population has increased 6x the rate compared to the general population

◆ In Pennsylvania, the Hispanic population jumped by 273,900, while the state’s population increased by 90,800

◆ Georgia’s Hispanic population has more than doubled since 2000

Los Angeles, CA County (4.9 million), Harris County, TX (2.1 million), and Miami-Dade County, Florida (1.9 million) are the U.S. counties with the highest Hispanic population.


The median age of Hispanics in states with large Hispanic concentration:

Florida – 36 years old
New York – 33 years old
New Jersey – 32 years old
California – 30 years old
Texas – 29 years old
Pennsylvania – 28 years old
Arizona – 28 years old
Georgia – 27 years old
North Carolina – 25 years old

Over 62% of the entire Hispanic population in the US is under 37 years old

Country of Origin

◆ Mexicans account for 63.3% (36 million) of the nation’s Hispanic population,

◆ Mexicans account more than two-in-three of the Hispanics residing in the Los Angeles and Houston metro areas

◆ Puerto Ricans are the largest group in the Orlando, Florida, metro area

◆ Salvadorans are the largest in the Washington, D.C., metro area

◆ Cubans are the largest origin group in the Miami metro area

Venezuelans, Dominicans, and Guatemalans have seen the fastest population growth

◆ Venezuelan population has the fastest growth rate among Hispanic origin groups in the U.S. (increased 76% to 421,000)


 Almost 40% of Hispanics ages 25 and older had any college experience

◆ 35% of Hispanics ages 18 to 24 were enrolled in a two- or four-year college

◆ 16% of Hispanics adults ages 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree or higher


70% of Latinos ages 5 and older speak English proficiently

And a record 37 million Hispanics ages 5 and older speak Spanish at home

In the US

79% of Latinos living in the country are U.S. citizens

◆ Nearly four-in-five Latino immigrants have lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years

◆ 46% of Latino immigrants have lived in the U.S. for 21 or more years