“Having the opportunity to help found the NHCC board is vital to the ever-evolving cannabis landscape. As Latin Americans confront the stigma of cannabis, understand the roots of prohibition, and see the detrimental effects of the war against marijuana, having a National Hispanic Cannabis Council helps ensure our voices are heard, our people involved, and that policies benefiting social equity are represented. Never again may we see another opportunity like cannabis to help people of color – including Latinos in the U.S. – as we march toward a brighter future in creating a more perfect union.”

Mark Slaugh – “Cannabis Compliance Leader”, Mark works in the specialist sector of compliance for the medical, retail, and hemp industries and has over 12 years experience in cannabis industry development, consulting, and operational compliance and over 21 years experience in regulations and risk management.  

As a first-generation Brazilian American, Mr. Slaugh is fueled by a passion for helping cannabis policy.  By influencing and improving laws, regulation, and public policy in the marijuana industry, and through efforts to create integrity, excellence, and transparency in its client’s business, Mark’s passion makes a real difference the world of cannabis compliance.

Mark knows what it takes to move markets forward at political, policy, and operational levels. He has developed small and large startups, improved existing operations, and has protected some of the top companies in the field. He is a qualified expert witness on cannabis compliance and regulations in Colorado.  

From 2015 to 2017, Mark was also contracted and responsible for crafting the regulations for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and for implementing the licensing and regulatory regime with their Department of Health. The effect of which was the creation of the first free-market-model regulation in Spanish and the fastest implementation of licensing to date – in less than 90 days from publishing regulations to the first cultivation license being issued. Working alongside the Department of Health, he was a trusted resource for the Governor’s office, Department of Agriculture, and Law Enforcement.  During this time, he developed the licensing regime for Puerto Rico, documents, forms, and protocols for operational compliance of the businesses and the Department. He educated regulators and auditors on how to identify non-compliance, perform inspections, and audit inventory to ensure compliance among licensed operators. He also helped lead the way for adult-use marijuana in Colorado as the Southern Colorado Regional Coordinator for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (Amendment 64) helping securing victories in the most conservative Cities and Counties in Colorado. He subsequently helped implement the will of voters working on complex, nuanced, and challenging regulatory issues side by side with State Regulators – serving annually on nine rulemaking committees over eight years to develop policy and regulation.

Mr. Slaugh also serves on the National Policy Council for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), on their Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, and as a Minority Business Council Member for the largest industry group in the world with thousands of members. He has spoken at each NCIA National Summit leading panel discussions and participating in topics ranging from industry training, standard operating procedures, and infused products manufacturing to laboratory testing safety and regulation.