“Since the company’s foundation in a majority-minority community in Florida, Trulieve has embraced diversity, equity and inclusion as core values of who we are.  As Trulieve and the cannabis industry continues to grow, we believe we have a responsibility to help shape focus and be good stewards in the area of DEI. Broadening our voice to the Hispanic community will allow us to add a diverse set of viewpoints in order to create authentic interactions.  We believe joining NHCC will allow us to have a voice within this community and positive impact in all communities in which we operate.”

Ms. Ricci has over 20 years of broad investor relations and communications experience in the technology, biotechnology and venture capital industries and has served as a board member for NIRI Boston. Lynn’s role at Trulieve is to provide key insight, best practices, and expertise to ensure a high level of investor outreach and to broaden market awareness through thought leadership programs, media relations, community engagement and DEI initiatives.