Hispanics/Latinos have traditionally been under-represented in technology. The same is true in cannabis, which is unfortunate given how the “war on crime” disproportionately affected black/brown individuals. This creates an opportunity to lean in and collaborate with a talented group like the NHCC to address this representation deficit and drive entrepreneurship.

Luis Madrigal is a technology expert with more than 20 years of experience driving innovation across global companies. After spending more than a decade scaling the integrated mobile systems and diversity initiatives of both ride-share giant Uber and multinational design-and-engineering firm Arup, Luis joined Cookies to help pioneer cannabis commerce technologies. With experience in software, infrastructure-at-scale, information technology and hardware, Luis is charting the tech-forward vision of Cookies as it becomes a mainstream brand. As a proud Mexican-American, Luis is passionate about building a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion as a leader. Beyond his day-to-day work, Luis is an angel investor in various early-stage startups and enjoys fostering empowered, like-minded entrepreneurs who are harnessing ingenuity for the betterment of humankind.