Helping to establish the NHCC is one of the most important initiatives of our company’s social equity endeavors for 2021.  The Hispanic community not only makes up the majority of our team, but we also operate within communities that are largely Hispanic. 

Despite the extensive involvement in the industry, their representation industry-wide is significantly under indexed.  We believe we MUST consciously create platforms of education, representation, and equity to ensure the cannabis industry produces the greatest opportunities for those that are otherwise at risk of being marginalized.  Both as stakeholders in the industry and as consumers/patients

Jordan Lams is a pioneering member of the cannabis industry with over 13 years of cannabis operating experience in cultivation, manufacturing, and retail.  As the founder and CEO of a leading multi-state cannabis brand, he received the first State license ever issued by the State of California for a cannabis business.  Mr. Lams has raised capital through equity and debt instruments and lead a series of strategic mergers & acquisitions. 

As one of the leading manufacturing advocates in the cannabis industry, he has advised California, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Michigan legislators and regulators to develop responsible regulations for the entire industry.  

Mr. Lams has been recognized by High Times as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis two years running and received recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine as a top 100 leader in the cannabis space. He is also a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Forbes Business Council.