Hispanic representation in the cannabis industry has been severely lacking since legalization efforts began. With the creation of the NHCC, Hispanics finally have a unified voice at the table. Being one of the most successful Hispanics in this industry, I felt obligated to be a part of it. Cannabis prohibition has unfairly affected black and brown minorities and this organization gives us a chance to change the narrative and give back to our communities, which have been negatively affected for too long” 

Jake founded Pyramid in 2015 after working in the retail space and noticing a glaring lack of quality and branding in the Vape/Concentrate category. He made his mark on the Colorado cannabis market and in 2018 made his first expansion into a new market, Michigan. 

Facing the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19’s new normal, Jake finalized the launch of Pyramid’s Michigan expansion in 2020. 

Jake has continued success launching other brands under the Loud Labs umbrella which include Pyramid, Doinks, and his most recent innovative edible brand, Zoobies. With the rapid growth in the cannabis space, Pyramid is poised to move into additional markets throughout the United States.