I want to participate in the NHCC to be part of creating solutions, knowledge, and space for the Hispanic community in Cannabis. Growing up my father (who only came to this country in his late 20’s) helped hundreds of other Hispanic families with getting the financial help they needed in a country that had at the time, little translated in Spanish. It was his willingness that has years letter fueled my want to help more in the Hispanic community obtain the knowledge and success in this growing cannabis culture. Together we can be stronger. 

Angela Joy Moscoso is currently the Regional Community Outreach Manager for Trulieve in Pennsylvania. She has spent her life volunteering and working in community building and social advocacy starting at 14 under the Episcopal Urban Caucus and youth representative to their 76th general convention.  She is currently a co-chair at Truieve for their Latino/Latina ERG and prides herself in being a captain and co-head of the new skater program for Philly Roller Derby in Philadelphia. She graduated with a degree in business and biological sciences from the Community College of Philadelphia where she was also a student ambassador on their behalf.

Angela entered the Cannabis industry in December of 2018 and has worked in many levels of the retail and community aspect of cannabis since joining. Angela believes that community revitalization only comes from working together as one and together, we can build a safer and more equitable future for all.