“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join the NHCC and to further their work. As a Latina in law, I am deeply passionate about advocating for and giving back to the community and I look forward to taking this opportunity to do so.”

Fabiola’s affinity for innovative and emerging markets, coupled with her nontraditional career path, drew her to an industry awaiting thought leaders—cannabis law. Fabiola has many years of experience in the Cannabis industry, the past three of which have been spent at Cultiva Law. While Fabiola provides her clients with a holistic approach to the transactional side of Cannabis law, her particular focus lies in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions, Brand and IP, Product Development, Corporate Law and Business Law.

Fabiola is driven to utilize her years of experience in order to provide her clients guidance in a complex, nuanced industry. Fabiola thrives on a good challenge and loves getting into the nitty gritty, detailed aspects of her client’s deals and licensing agreements. While Fabiola prides herself on her strong negotiation skills, her hidden talent lies in her extensive marketing and branding background which she puts to use by maximizing resources and taking the creative lead on projects in a way that elevates and promotes Cultiva Law.