“I joined the NHCC because it’s important for me to know that my demographic and its constituents are being represented at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Furthermore, I’d love to know that my expertise could somehow help the evolution of the industry but also in a meaningful and inclusive way for Latinos/Hispanics. Currently, I don’t feel like the Latino population has any representation when it comes to the cannabis industry. It’s either taboo or black market. As a result, our community stays away. However, that’s simply not true. My goal is to help change this stigma and provide quality cannabis to all demographics.”

David Sanchez is the VP of Product Development for Cresco Labs, one of the leading multi-state operators in the U.S. cannabis sector. David began his cannabis career in college, where he obtained B.S. in both Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry from the University of Colorado Boulder. Towards the end of his studies, David found a new passion in cannabis and began working at TR Scientific, one of the first adult-use extraction labs in Colorado. From there, David continued his career in California and Colorado where he mastered multiple cannabis processing and formulation techniques which have led him to play a critical role in building new extraction labs, creating new cannabis products, and helping to grow manufacturing teams across the U.S.