Organizations like the National Hispanic Cannabis Council are important platforms to create a shared experience of being in the cannabis industry as a Latina. With the knowledge gained from NHCC and its members, I hope to destigmatize cannabis in the Latino community.” 

As a Latina and Chicago native, Alyssa has always felt committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and works diligently to incorporate those values into her daily life. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, she witnessed the disparity in quality public education, financial resources, and food insecurity. Alyssa’s experiences have been the driving force in her passion for social impact focused work.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Research from Columbia University, Alyssa began her career in management consulting at Accenture focusing on the public service sector. During the pandemic, she co-founded NeighborFood Meals, a non-profit supporting Black and Latino-owned restaurants and the communities they serve in Chicago.

Alyssa is now the Social Impact Program Manager at Green Thumb Industries where she currently supports the development and execution of Green Thumb’s corporate social responsibility strategy. New to the legal cannabis industry, Alyssa is excited to see how for-profit companies like Green Thumb can further support philanthropic initiatives that uplift the Black and Latino communities.