José J. Hidalgo is a cannabis and hemp industry thought leader and entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation in the sector, highlighting the intersection between local markets and global scalability. As the founder and CEO of Flora & Forge, Hidalgo has rapidly connected and aggregated a worldwide network of operators, distributors, and innovators, with an emphasis on quality, growth, competitive advantages, and supply chain sustainability. Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Folsom & Forge operates a state-of-the-art facility providing end-to-end industry solutions geared toward the development and manufacture of quality consumer and medical products for a growing and diverse market, as well as synchronized agricultural, B2B, and R&D services.

Previously, as the founder and former Chairman & CEO of Cansortium Inc., Hidalgo led efforts that resulted in the company being awarded the first of only five Medical Cannabis licenses in Florida in 2015, a feat he repeated two years later in Texas when Cansortium was granted one of only three licenses in that State. Hidalgo furthered that momentum by solidifying its brands, Knox Medical and later Fluent Cannabis Care, as the highest quality premium providers in Florida. Under Hidalgo’s leadership, the Company would go on to establish additional retail, manufacturing, and/or cultivation in Florida as well as operations in Texas, Puerto Rico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, and Australia. Hidalgo took Cansortium Inc. public on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) in March 2019.

Noticing patterns and similarities to his previous career in the financial sector, in which he raised over $175,000,000 from financial markets, Hidalgo sees tremendous and evolving future opportunities in the cannabis and hemp industries to drive and participate in a truly global marketplace.