Educating U.S. Hispanics on the health and wellness of cannabis

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We are the voice and proud champions of cannabis education for the U.S. Hispanic community. Our role as trusted advisors is to educate the U.S. Hispanic community on the health, wellness of cannabis to empower their support and participation in the industry.


 Efficacy of medical cannabis:

    •  Medical cannabis improves efficacy and symptom management with less severe side effects and low potential for negative withdrawal symptoms compared to opioids
    •  In a study by the University of Georgia, states with medical cannabis have observed a 14.4% reduction in opioid prescriptions
    •  The National Center for Biotechnology Information published this study showing that 41% of opioid users report a reduction or cessation in opioid use when prescribed medical cannabis

 Out of 34 states with a medical cannabis program, 32 currently allow medical cannabis for Acute/Chronic Pain.


 Efficacy of medical cannabis: 

    •  Cannabinoids target the underlying neurological processes that lead to imbalances in neurotransmitter systems, helping return them to homeostasis
    •  The Nurse Practitioner Journal published this study showing a reduction in frequency & severity of suicidal thoughts, anxiety and stress; cannabis may address symptoms across all major symptom clusters with few clinically significant adverse reactions
    •  The National Center for Biotechnology Information published this study showing a reduction in excessive fear and anxiety related to stress and trauma
    •  Out of 34 states with a medical cannabis program, 31 currently allow medical cannabis for PTSD


Efficacy of medical cannabis:

    •  Medical cannabis, particularly with high CBD levels, can reduce ARDS, protect pulmonary tissue, and establish inflammatory stasis, as well as support neurological functions as we see in the already existing neurological conditions included in the Compassionate Use Program
    •  Augusta University published this study demonstrating that cannabis can down-regulate the level of lung inflammation and ameliorated the symptoms of ARDS
    •  The National Institute of Health published this study from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute and the University of Nebraska demonstrated clearance of lung consolidation and recovery of lung inflammation in the majority of patients
    •  Universities in Canada published this study also demonstrating that cannabis can reduce lung inflammation and reduce the severity of COVID-19

Understanding the Hispanic market to empower their support


Our primary consumer market research is here to assist you to better understand Hispanic attitudes and behaviors towards cannabis. The research consists of qualitative and quantitative methodologies segmented amongst the Spanish and bilingual speaking Hispanic populations in designated markets.

We will be releasing consumer market research in the coming months. Please join NHCC to get an inside look at our research efforts.

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