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Over 60% of Americans Now Think Cannabis Is Having a Positive Impact on Society Says New Survey

Ten years after Washington and Colorado came to be the first states that took the initiative to legalize cannabis for adult use, a lot has changed. A decade ago, Washington and Colorado took this initiative after enacting Initiative 502 and Amendment 64, respectively....

Over 15,000 applications submitted for 12 licenses to sell retail marijuana in Connecticut

PORTLAND PRESS HERALD - HARTFORD, Conn. — More that 15,600 applications were submitted before last week’s deadline for a chance to be awarded one of the first dozen licenses to open a retail marijuana shop in Connecticut. State Department of Consumer Protection...

High Times: Cannabis Now America’s Fifth Most Profitable Crop

With recreational pot now legal in 18 states, cannabis is a bona fide profitable cash crop. In November, Leafly Holdings, Inc. released its first ever “Cannabis Harvest Report” that examined “farm licenses and production in the 11 states that have legal...

Complex: New Study Links Marijuana Use to Lower Resting Heart Rate

A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has revealed that marijuana use is associated with lower resting heart rate. Researchers from the United States and Switzerland explored the association between cannabis...

How Latinos can benefit from the rapidly growing cannabis economy

BY CHUCK SCHUMER AND ANTONIO VALDEZ The War on Drugs has too often inadvertently been a war on people, and overwhelmingly on people of color. For far too long, Latinos have borne the brunt of this policy without fully reaping the benefits of a fast-growing cannabis...

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